Direct Mail Gets Gardeners to the Store

Color-full and stretching across product lines, this retail spring post card campaign was used by garden centers around the country. Co-branded identity and customized message on the reverse sides offer economy of scale for printing.

National Celebrity in His Garden of Eden

In this all-purpose wrap-around pocket folder, gardening celebrity P. Allen Smith was seamlessly placed in an artful combination of three separate images through the magic of Photoshop.

Proven ability to translate a wide array of products and services into strategic messages with visual and content impact. Interesting formats, striking images, and succinct and salient copy combine for effective support literature. Hands-on design, visual illustration, and writing keep the projects up close and personal.

Gardeners Get the Inside Story of Hydroponics

Consumer brochure explains the ‘no fuss/no fail’ promise for EasyGro Hydro™, a hydroponic house plant program. The self-contained system offers a revolutionary soil-less approach that takes the fear out of indoor ornamentals. Digital illustration in x-ray view explains the concept.

Roll with the Innovators

Stover Thermal Tags & Labels presents its array of thermal roll tag products for nursery, greenhouse, and retail growers. Twenty pages of comprehensive offerings coupled with a position platform that separates Stover from the competition’s commodity approach.

Lining Up Company and Customer

Pleasant View Gardens, Proven Winners® founding partner, showcases its entire plant line annually in the ‘We Line Up’ 3-year marketing campaign. Visually rich and colorful, by the nature of product, 180-page catalogs are also extremely descriptive and detailed in plant information.